This part was on guide ?

This part was on guide ?

At this time, I don’t have access to an array that supports an explicit ALUA-only mode. However, the log from such an array would show the value of the TPGS field as dos.

Identifying ALUA Devices’ Roadway County

The next thing when you look at the problem solving is always to pick the condition of the road or pathways on ALUA equipment. (I cover the details from multipathing in the A bankruptcy proceeding.) In this area, I assist you how-to identify the trail states. Contour six.17 suggests returns about pursuing the demand:

TPG_county-As in the output of the device list, this matches the value equivalent to the previous field, Class State (for example, AO or ANO).

RTP_id-This is the relative target port ID, the port ID from which the inquiry response was sent to the initiator. Continue reading “This part was on guide ?”