Pr versus. propaganda – what’s the difference?

Pr versus. propaganda – what’s the difference?

If you don’t Advertising comes to an end are Pr and you may gets what Polish people in politics accuse each other of performing – propaganda

When you are recording the development throughout the political community back at domestic (I am Shine basically have not mentioned, czesc!), I have watched some thing very distressing. Something that clarified if you ask me where Public relations gets their crappy reputation from…and you can exhibited exactly how Societal Relations’ prospective will get squandered.

Incidentally, ironic, isn’t it? That a market exactly about building and you may influencing of image endures out of a photograph disease itself.

Shine people in politics very broadly utilize the identity “Advertising”, maybe not outlining what they indeed imply from the you to. It ACCUSE both from “undertaking Pr” and you can take social opinion’s leg…

It speak about you regarding the news – that have to mean you “manage Pr.” Your change the notice from shameful subjects, publicizing facts quicker problematic rather – note, this can be Public relations! Unlike get offense at a rival, you give your a give – you will be doing things “about Pr style.”

Public relations into the Poland started to alive its very own, not the case lives… and you can my cardio basins.Given that just what people accuse each other off has nothing so you can perform which have Publicity. In fact, I do not think that Gloss government, political functions or individuals to the political stadium have any Pr approaches for by themselves anyway…or people tip as to how Public relations performs. What they accuse one another away from is propaganda, maybe not Public relations.

Furthermore, pursuing the outcome of my absolutely nothing search I’m able to easily dive to help you end you to definitely Public relations in Poland was purely product sales and you may business centered…which fundamentally means there isn’t any real Advertising in the Poland. Continue reading “Pr versus. propaganda – what’s the difference?”