Mexico Area Invitational Chess Contest (1966) [ ]

Mexico Area Invitational Chess Contest (1966) [ ]

Played when you look at the 1966. Whilst the times isn’t made clear, Harmon is probably seventeen at that time, given that environment seems more comfortable which in advance of the lady birthday celebration for the November. It absolutely was held within Mariposa Resorts during the Vegas, Las vegas, nevada.

Harmon fits with her pal Townes here, who’s expose just like the a journalist for Chess Feedback and Lexington Herald-Leader. She reent is “significantly less essential” due to the fact U.S. Title, even in the event notes she had planned to go to brand new You.S. Discover inside the 1965. She’s a short interviews having Townes.

Harmon cards one to she starred “this new Marshall” against a competitor out of San francisco, including a king compromise showing video game from Paul Morphy. It’s unclear hence piece this is exactly dealing with.

The fresh new contest was point-based; for every single win is some point, while every mark try an one half-section. A loss suggested zero affairs. Benny acquired each one of their video game except one or two brings, while Harmon acquired all video game except you to definitely losings. It triggered a wrap. Considering a papers breakdown of Mr. Shaibel’s wall structure, this is this lady first losings into checklist.

Played within the 1966, a bit within the Summer (considering whenever Harmon graduated 2 weeks earlier). Continue reading “Mexico Area Invitational Chess Contest (1966) [ ]”