thirteen. Gold coins of Five Chinese Emperors

thirteen. Gold coins of Five Chinese Emperors

The new Rooster King means an effective bird which can chase aside threatening beasts and you will fight worst comfort. They basic featured for the rule off Emperor Yao, where man-dinner tigers and bewitching morale create haunt the fresh forest. The fresh Rooster King try delivered to the emperor as a way to guard their residents.

The Rooster King is used as an amulet or as a statue to protect the home. It should be placed outside, facing incoming traffic. Here’s an blog post especially towards story of Rooster King written by Uncle Dixer.

eleven. Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin ducks to have Feng Shui have been in sets and you will stands for like. Capable come in figurines plus drawings, images, and images.

Mandarin ducks are generally utilized since the an excellent Feng Shui answer to like. It helps to create one or two lovers together if they are split up by distance otherwise when they’ve other kinds of obstacles preventing them to become together.

Mandarin ducks can be placed at the like and you can wedding section of their Bagua, or the Southwest area of your home. Another common practice would be to put them regarding bedroom.

several. Pi Xiu (Pi Yao)

The Pi Xiu, also called Pi Yao, is a heavenly creature that resembles a winged lion. Its story is that it violated a law of the heaven and was punished when you are restricted to a nourishment away from merely silver and gold no a style of expelling them as the asshole are close. That is why Pi Xiu symbolizes wealth accumulation.

This wealth symbol is commonly displayed in offices and in the wide range portion based on your own Kua along with your home’s Bagua.

However, Pi Xiu is more commonly used as a cure for the Yearly Flying Star Tai Sui (Grand Duke) because it was referred to as Tai Sui’s pet. To use it as a Tai Sui cure, you need to place it at Tai Sui’s opposite direction.

For instance, in 2017 brand new Tai Sui was at south west. Placing the Pi Xiu at the East sector facing West would do the job. Continue reading “thirteen. Gold coins of Five Chinese Emperors”

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