Invasive species ‘Education Blitz’ at Wollaston Lake boat launch

Invasive species ‘Education Blitz’ at Wollaston Lake boat launch

The Bancroft Sparks, Brownies and Guides Unit are looking for new members. Registration for membership opens on June 13 for new Sparks (girls in SK-grade 1), Brownies (girls in grade 2-3), and Girl Guides (girls in grade 4-6).

At their last meeting they walked along the Heritage Trail to the Dairy Queen to pick up a Girl Guide Cookie Blizzard as a special treat. Next year, starting in September the Guiders (group leaders) hope to do more outdoor skills and activities. However the Guides, Brownies and Sparks lead the way. If they want singing and crafts, that’s what the groups do college hookup app. If they want to be outside or camping or whatever, that’s what the groups do. COVID-19 was a major factor – the Bancroft Guides hope it will be easier to meet and plan things safely next year.

Bancroft Guides Leader Cara Hicks says that Sparks, Brownies and Girl Guides are friends to the environment. “We give girls a chance to try things safely. They learn how to lead, how to be friends and about our community. This year was our first year back in Bancroft. We had so much fun covering Guiding traditions, kids and money, important women (did you know there are so many amazing women in Bancroft?) the stars, crafts, crafts, crafts, bees, backyard animals, protecting the earth, and campfire skills.”

Registration forms can be found online at or reach out to Hicks at Meetings will begin in mid-September on Tuesdays. We start at 6 p.m. and go 60 minutes for Sparks and 90 minutes for Brownies and Guides. Location is at the Youth Hub at Millennium Park.

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By Mike Riley Local Journalism Initiative Reporter At the tail end of National Invasive Species Action Week (May 15 to 22), the Wollaston Lake Home . Continue reading “Invasive species ‘Education Blitz’ at Wollaston Lake boat launch”