Thank you so much to suit your assistance, lovely comments, and sticking around for way too long!

Thank you so much to suit your assistance, lovely comments, and sticking around for way too long!


All of you would be the best and you may genuinely deserve a great deal a lot more of that it fic than We have now.

It chapter fought me enamel and you will nail more than wherever to change from right here (the brand new dangers of general lines with respect to longform performs, unfortunately), but I thought it absolutely was about time in order to delve a little a lot more towards the Sora’s aspect, and just how crucial Riku’s becoming so you’re able to him. Huge thanks a lot particularly to those who’ve commented recently, giving myself brand new comfortable force I desired to select so it right up again (and ofc joji’s the album, because the what exactly is that it au without having any modern muse about they?)

I am and additionally really pleasantly surprised exactly how many some one such as for instance Roxas and you will Riku’s relationship. If only there’s a lot more of it tbh! That is why they pop-up oftentimes right here hahah.

I am hoping so it part brings particular tiny way of measuring morale or delight for your requirements in these seeking moments. Thank you the for being instance diligent subscribers!

Chapter Text

Sora woke with a good groggy extend, prepared he might stay in bed a tiny bit extended. The guy accustomed of course end up being an early riser, but the later instructions plus a ol’ designed university sleep disorder got produced him late to sleep and you may late to rise. The good news is, it absolutely was finals day, and this required Sora is actually mostly performing separate research – undoubtedly terrible offer their analysis principles however, big to own their resting schedule.

Yawning therefore broad their mouth popped, Sora clambered from their attic bed and you can concerned his way-down, sooner or later selecting their restroom to freshen up. Mouthwash, bleary-eyed squinting during the a good blemish into the his temple, and you can a bath after, Sora are loaded with pep and you can cheer as usual.

Entering their senior 12 months, their roommate is Vanitas. Roxas ended up being more than alarmed, however. Both of these had not very… hit it off, so to speak. It nonetheless made Sora cringe merely remembering how they clashed, nonetheless did. It simply seemed form of friendlier right now… most likely.

However, Vanitas was a decent roomie. The guy left to themselves, they’d additional dates, and you can Sora is actually as well social to get cooped up yourself for very long. Together with, both appreciated preparing, so there is never one not enough dining, and working from the logistics of one’s tell you is actually usually smoother myself.

Including today, just like the Sora’s attention around glowed watching the newest glamorous sandwiches Vanitas is actually in the exact middle of and work out. Vanitas stood therefore upright Sora’s right back harm deciding on your, basic black colored apron tied doing their waist of an ongoing practice whenever he would spent some time working as a preliminary order make.

“Keeps We told you recently how much cash I love you?” Sora questioned, almost drifting towards bunch for the restrict with grabby hand, heedless away from how fast Vanitas are chopping leafy something nearby.

Vanitas ruthlessly smacked the new apartment away from his blade across the back off Sora’s hand. He winced and you can stuck a knuckle towards the their mouth, while it had not started touched anyway. “Vanitas!”

“They’re not complete yet,” Vanitas told you silently, because if Sora’s hand wasn’t reddish and you may stinging. Sora was utilized to this – you should never screw with his eating, therefore gets collectively swimmingly. Usually do not insult his dining sometimes, and you could even be household members.

“The newest kettle’s going,” Vanitas added shortly after an effective moment’s silence, and you can Sora beamed. Taciturn, sarcastic, horribly bad on communication with a language sharp enough to generate also one step-mommy cry, however sugar daddy Georgia, damn he had been a great roommate.

“Awww,” Sora drawled, snagging Vanitas to own a combination-shoulder kiss one ended up in many blade-threatening and you can glares and cursing and Sora looks-checking Vanitas anyways given that he had been condition ahead of the case where in actuality the cups was basically. “You adore me too!”