Scotland getting entitled once “Scota” a keen “Egyptian”/ ISRAYLITE refugee king!

Scotland getting entitled once “Scota” a keen “Egyptian”/ ISRAYLITE refugee king!

If the fuel build altered inside the Egypt, leading to enslavement from Israyl in Egypt, of a lot Israylites, including the governing classification, departed and you can went on the Europe. This is the reason the new prophet Jeremyah realized when deciding to take Zedekyah’s daughters so you’re able to Ireland, to carry on new throne off David, planting the fresh kingdom seat truth be told there, due to the fact bought inside the Jer.

Now, back once again to the fresh new attack. Thus, the fresh new Assyrian attack arrived down seriously to related Jerusalem and eager new society out. But a miracle is registered, dos Kings 7, since the Assyrian armed forces is lay to journey, making area of the Domestic out of Judah steady and you will founded. A hundred and twenty five years roughly citation and you can Babylon became the latest force in your community and they consume and you can simply take Jerusalem taking attentive this new rightful heir towards the throne, Jeconyah, establishing in his put a relative, Zedekyah. Eleven decades afterwards Zedekyah rebels and you can Babylon invades once again. Zedekyah observes the their sons set so you’re able to dying, immediately after which their sight are placed out and he eventually dies in the captivity. It’s during this time period you to Jeremyah the newest prophet takes the daughters of Zedekyah to Ireland to continue the new throne of David, the throne of Yahweh through to Planet, when it comes to those countries of the sea, and that throne and you can heirs fundamentally moved to Scotland following England.

Edomite “jews”

Although descendants off David, they’re not the brand new rightful heirs of throne, much more implies than simply that, even though it be fulfilling a vow out of Yahweh together with prophecy concerning continuance regarding David’s throne. Given that a part note, Jeconyah gives birth so you’re able to people throughout their captivity, which had been in reality just lifestyle on judge of your own Queen of Babylon, descendants from which ultimately are Joseph, the fresh new real dad of Yahshua, who be Messiah, the latest “rightful heir” of one’s throne and guaranteed as because of the throne at the the following coming, Luke step 1:32. Area of the need the latest Edomite Added the brand new virgin beginning facts, to attempt to remove the authenticity regarding Yahshua’s straight to you to definitely throne through the patriarchal line his father Joseph stored.

Adopting the captivity from inside the Babylon regarding the 42,000 disperse back to Jerusalem. Think of, these are mainly House off Judah descendants. Years admission therefore arrived at the new Maccabean months. Edom is Esau. The guy forces them to convert to their faith, a primary sin and you may impossibility. A hereditary covenant cannot be made available to men and women not of your guaranteed genetic range. Edom aren’t light some one, however, “mamzer”, mongrels, descendants of Esau, one Yahweh dislikes. However,, none the less, it get the title “jew” and get thus powerful 100 years or more after within the Roman authorities they are the brand new puppet regulators in the area getting Rome.

This is when the fresh new blog and you may Ezra and you may Nehamyah show the fact these had partnered non-Israylite wives, polluting the new “holy seeds”, Ezra 9:2, and in Ezra 10:step three he is asked of the Yahweh to put out those individuals wives Plus the MONGREL Children produced about abominable miscegenating relationship

Which, the latest Herodians is “idumeans” … i. The newest religious leaders was in fact including Perhaps not actual Yahudites. Maybe not real Israylites. These are the “of father the latest demon” mongrels Yahshua new Messiah rebuked inside the John 8:forty two or other cities. They are “vipers”, the fresh “whited structure”, the brand new “laden with dead men’s room bones”, the newest vermin abominations dishonestly polluting the temple and perverting lessons regarding the latest Torah rules out-of Yahweh. They certainly were the fresh vermin “to make emptiness what the law states from the their life style”. They are the same vermin who translate the original Aramaic web log of the New testament on hellenized Greek texts, duplicates where are in reality all that stays. Little entirely brand-new of any old testament nor new-testament creating remains. All the texts available are tainted and requirements brand new Soul from Yahweh to help you as a consequence of they.